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DOMA Accessibility App

App Design

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Student Work


This project’s main objective was to make Ball State’s David Owsley Museum of Art (DOMA) more accessible to people who have disabilities through an app. The challenge was to only solve issues through the app, and not make changes to DOMA. 



I decided to make an app for autistic adults who are non-verbal or have difficulty speaking at times. 

The Problem



Must follow certain routines

May have delayed movement, cognitive or learning skills Anxiety, stress, or excessive worry, especially in social situations

Gets overstimulated easily

May have unusual reactions to the way things sound, smell, taste, look, or feel



Maps/everything are hard to find, have to talk to an employee


Flickering lights and loud groupsof people are overstimulating


Difficult to read information due to small type and dim lighting


Difficult to align information to the correct object/artwork

DOMA is not an accessible environment for autistic people due to a lack of quiet spaces, illegible or unclear information, dim or flickering lights, and the lack of opportunities for self-help (maps and signs for bathrooms, lockers, wheelchairs, disposable ear plugs, entrances, elevators, and desks).

Style Guide



According to some studies, it is shown that the majority of autistic people respond better to blue, green, pink, and skin tones colors for UX design. For this app specifically, each color is assigned to its section. Blue is communication, orange is exploration, green is scheduling and pink is gaming.

Early Concepts

Logo with Tagline

Logo without Tagline

App Icon

Information Architecture

Low Wire Frames (Main Pages)

Communication Page

I need...


Help chat

Communication Page Walkthrough

Explore Page

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DOMA Map Walkthrough

Explore Page

About DOMA Walkthrough

DOMA Artwork Walkthrough

Schedule Page

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High Fidelity Wireframes_Page_32.jpg
Phone Frame.png

Schedule Walkthrough

Schedule Page

Checklist Page

Planning Page

Games Page

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Phone Frame.png

Card Matching Game

Games Page

Object Matching Game

Search, Settings, Onboarding

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Settings Walkthrough


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