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Moroccan Cultural Booklet

Editorial Design

Square Cover CB.png



This project challenged me to create a cultural booklet, geared towards tourists, that revolves around a developing country. I chose Morocco as my country. The booklet touches on select locations, food, and clothing of Morocco.


I decided to introduce the country through its medinas, which are the historical towns consisting of Morocco’s famous markets, Mosques, fountains, Hammans,
and palaces. The book is called
"The Medinas or Morocco."

Student Work

Style Guide


The composition of the tiles resemble the alleyways of the medinas. The winding alleyways, stalls, and rooms made up of tiles are a common theme throughout the book. The type is also working around and interacting with the illustrations.



All of the illustrations in the book are tiles, based on Morocco’s Zellij that are usually displayed throughout the medinas. These illustrations have a simplified and modern style, with thin strokes and flat colors. For each topic, the tiles are made up of icons based on what the topic covers.

Main Zellij

Morocco Zellij-13-14.png

The main zellij are made up of elements from the other zellij, location, food, and clothing.

Location Zellij

Morocco Zellij-13-11.png

The location zellij takes elements out of the cities of Marrakesh and Fez, two well-known medinas. 

Street Food Zellij

Morocco Zellij-13-12.png

The Maakouda Batata zellij takes elements out of the popular street-food, Maakouda Batata. The icons are made out of the ingredients that make up the dish, as well as the potato cake itself.

Clothing Zellij

Morocco Zellij-13-13.png

The clothing zellij takes elements out of what is recommended to wear in Morocco.

The Medinas of Morocco

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